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Active Shooter Drill at Andover Central School prepares educators for the worst case scenario


Andover School Safety team partners with Allegany County Sheriff for training

On March 16th, 2023, the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office conducted an “Active Shooter Drill” at the Andover Central School. Andover teachers and staff, alongside deputies from the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the Andover, Alfred, Bolivar, Cuba, University Police at Alfred and Angelica Police Departments and School Resource Officers from Genesee Valley, Almond, Belfast, Cuba-Rushford and Fillmore took part in the Active Shooter Scenario and Drill. Unlike many drills that only involve law enforcement, this was requested by Andover’s School Safety Team to reinforce concepts and policies that staff have received in the past and have been worked on and adjusted by administration over the last year.  

The Sheriff’s Office conducted the drill, which consisted of an “Active Shooter”, a realistic simulated shooting event in various locations of the school to see how the administration, faculty and staff would react if a subject was to enter the school and actively engage in shooting people throughout its halls and classrooms.   

This training also gave local law enforcement the opportunity to respond to the scene and practice the necessary tactics needed to enter the school, locate, stop, and secure the active threat, secure classrooms, and then escort teachers, students, and staff to a secured location.  Undersheriff  Walt Mackney and Deputy Timothy Hand along with Andover School Safety Officer John Dougherty organized the drill.  This type of ‘Reality Based’ training is the most beneficial and has the longest lasting impact on what people will remember and how they will react in a traumatic encounter.  

The Allegany County Sheriff’s Office is committed to continuing Active Shooter Training in Allegany County Schools and also in civilian and government facilities. The goal is to eventually provide this training to every school in the County.  

Anyone that would like this type of training is encouraged to contact the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office at 268-9203. 

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