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Borrello and Giglio: Do not release Edward Kindt


Vicious Killing of Beloved Nurse-Midwife from Salamanca NY

One of the Most Heinous Crimes in Region’s History

Pictured is the victim, Penny Brown

State Senator George Borrello and State Assemblyman Joe Giglio issued statements today in hopes of stopping the decision by a NYS parole board to release Edward Kindt. At the time of the murder in 1999, Kindt was 15.

Statement from Senator Borrello

ALBANY – New York State Senator George Borrello has penned a letter to the state Parole Board to urge that they reconsider and deny the release of convicted murderer Edward Kindt, who has been in prison since 2000 for the brutal rape and murder of Penny Brown, a wife, mother and nurse-midwife from Salamanca.

Kindt’s savage attack on Ms. Brown in 1999 stirred shock and horror in the community and beyond.  On Mother’s Day, while she was out jogging with her two dogs, Ms. Brown was ambushed and sexually assaulted by Kindt, who ultimately strangled her with her dog’s leash. Because he was 15 at the time of the killing, he was spared a life term on his plea to second degree murder and sentenced to nine years to life in prison, the maximum sentence available for a juvenile at the time.  

“Edward Kindt’s vicious rape and murder of Penny Brown, a beloved nurse-midwife and devoted wife and mother, traumatized the community and left her family utterly heartbroken and grief-stricken. The callousness of the attack combined with Kindt’s troubled past and lack of remorse for the killing prompted the sentencing judge to declare he hoped Kindt would never be released from prison,” said Senator Borrello. “The Parole Board’s decision is reckless and an insult to Ms. Brown’s family and crime victims everywhere.”

Following the heinous crime, widespread public discontent with the loophole in the law that prevented Kindt from being charged as an adult prompted the 2003 passage of ‘Penny’s Law,’ a statute that raises the sentence for 14- and 15-year-olds convicted of second-degree murder.

Senator Borrello stressed the harm of the decision and urged the Parole Board and state leaders to show more concern for victims and public safety. 

“I’ve written to the Parole Board about this travesty and requested that they reverse this terrible decision in the name of justice and the safety of the community. Penny Brown’s family has suffered more than we can imagine and deserve better than to have to live with the knowledge that this dangerous killer is out in society, free to victimize others. He should never walk free again. The Parole Board and our state leaders need to get their priorities straight. There is an unreasonable concern for the rights and freedoms of violent criminals and none for crime victims and public safety.”

Statement from Assemblyman Giglio

“I am opposed to the parole board’s decision to release Edward Kindt, whose violent crimes rocked all of Western New York 24 years ago when he assaulted and murdered beloved registered nurse and midwife Penny Brown in Salamanca. Penny Brown’s loss devastated our entire region in 1999 – she was a daughter, a wife, a mother of two young daughters and a friend to many, helping deliver countless babies for families in the area.

             “The parole board, packed with members soft on crime by the former administration, has become far too lenient. As a result, violent felons have been released over the last few years, including cop killers, rapists and others who prey on innocent victims like Penny Brown.

             “In response to situations like these, I introduced Assembly Bill 2423, which would require the state parole board to include at least one member who is or was a member of law enforcement and at least one member who is a crime victim or crime victim’s representative. This legislation would give crime victims a voice and allow police officers to provide professional guidance on the possible release of those who commit crimes.”

Assemblyman Joseph Giglio represents the 148th District, which consists of all of Cattaraugus and Allegany counties, and portions of Steuben County as well. For more information, visit Assemblyman Giglio’s Official Website.

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