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Allegany County Legislature set to vote for a “Grand” purchase by Wellsville


The Ways and Means Committee will approve Wednesday in Belmont

By Andrew Harris

The “die has been cast”, the bet has been placed, and it will take a vote by the county leadership to pave the way for the Village of Wellsville to purchase what was, The Grand Theater, Main Street.

That vote is expected to be in favor of the unique tax auction purchase. Municipalities have the legal right to purchase properties off the auction list, before the auction happens. The Village of Wellsville has decided to purchase the property in order to be a reliable steward for whatever happens next.

Mayor Randy Shayler explained very clearly that the village made this decision to protect the building, the nieghboring businesses, and the taxpayer. Hart’s Jewelry, Fisher’s Pharmacy, The New Vogue Shop, Tami’s Floral Expressions, UpTown Jam, The Texas Hot, and the Wellsville Creative Arts Center all have a direct stake in this landmark building once known as the Lin-Ray Twin 2.

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The matter will come before the Allegany County Ways and Means Committee, who are charged with overseeing tax sale matters. With that vote, County Treasurer Terri Ross explained that this approval by the committee was required to remove the property from the tax sale. After approved by the Ways and Means, the county will include the former Grand Theater property in a aggregated approval of all properties being removed from the tax auction sale. That sale starts Tuesday, March 21 and here is the link to that exclusively online auction:

Every decision maker in Allegany County and Wellsville that we have queried agrees with Mayor Shayler and the Board of Trustees on this decision. The question remains, not if it will be approved, but what will the Village of Wellsville do with this property ?

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