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Poll Results: Live Mas’! Bring on the “Quesaritos, Soft Taco, and Crunchwrap Supreme”


83% of votes approve of potential Main Street Taco Bell

Read the best Facebook reactions

By Andrew Harris

Nothing gets Wellsville folks more whipped up than the talk of new business development. A social reaction to the stress of being teased and tormented by Walmart, who after a decade of false starts, finally declined to build a megacenter. Since that experience, people get very opinionated about potential development and this poll reflects the community interest. We had over 1000 voters in this poll !! Thanks for participating!

The question was simple, how does the public feel about a proposed Taco Bell near the Microtel and Dunkin Donuts? Half of the votes received give a double thumbs up for the Mexican chain of fast food joints. Nearly 34% voted for the blanket approval of any development, and 17% voted to keep chain conglomerates like Taco Bell from adding to the growing mix. Currently, Wellsville has a McDonald’s, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts full service, drive-thru operations. A Tim Horton’s is all but certain to arrive in 2023 on the Bolivar Road.

Wellsville has a uniquely robust food marketplace. An traditional grocery store with a deli/bakery/butchershop, Giant Food Mart, is largest retail force in Main Street district that is full of places to eat. From local standards like The Beef Haus, L’Italia, and Pizza King to the internationally famous Texas Hot, Wellsville is a food destination.

Here are some of the best comments about our poll on our Wellsville Sun Facebook page, follow us!

“Would like to see KFC along with Taco Bell. Ps. Why can these chain companies get by the village board but a larger chain company (Walmart) get trashed.”

“Taco Bell is awesome! Love their food! Will be nice to not have to travel to hornell or Olean to get it!”

“It’d be a great morning to snag a breakfast crunch wrap and a drink from Dunkin all at the same area.”

“Yes yes yes! Before or after the new Walmart?”

“It is interesting that everyone answers this thinking what they would want based on what they patronize when they go out of town, rather than thinking about what will actually WORK in this demographic. We do not have the population base to support a Golden Corral or other large buffet. Or TGIF. We DO have a big enough base to support at Taco Bell, simply because of the type of food, a take out lower priced food suitable for lunch or something to grab for motel users. It would do better co located by Runnings, as would any new chain restaurant because that store will be a draw of out of towners here for the day. just because WE want to go to a Golden Corral doesn’t mean one would thrive here.”

“It’s hilarious how many people think a poll will make a difference or that they have a say in it. The village board doesn’t recruit businesses either. This company has the franchise rights and wants to open in Wellsville on land he already owns. He doesn’t care what you think, as long as you eat there.”

“Would be better if it was a real taco place and not the fast food fake taco crap. 🙄 wish they would bring in another sit down restaurant over fast food any day.”

“Taco Bell and KFC are terrible. As a person who lives in the city and owns a home in AC still, I cant wait to hear the complaints just like DDs gets. Its horrible food. Its not a franchise that is going to bring revenue or enough jobs to Wellsville to make it the way people want.”

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Sick of chain restaurant food? Check out the Rosebush on Main Street Alfred soon!! Independently opened and operated!!

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