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Beautiful tulips on Main Street Wellsville by,Mary Iantorno

David A. Howe Library laments longstanding oak tree couldn’t be saved from terminal disease


The pin oak was taken down today by a Alfred NY tree service

By Andrew Harris, photos by Marie Roeske Harris

The Executive Director of the David A Howe Library in Wellsville called today with a sober tone. Nick Gunning wanted to give some explaination to the public after crews took down a big tree in the library front lawn.

An admitted tree-hugger, Gunning said that the library did all it could to get a professional assessment and try to save the tree. Major limbs have been falling off the tree and it hasn’t been healthy for a few seasons. Professional arborists made a bleak assessment and the library released this statement today:

“The Pin Oak in the lawn has finally succumbed to the fungus growing within. It had become a danger, necessitating its removal. But fear not, we have plans to replace it in the coming months.”

The local “treeman,” Oak Duke, lamented the news about a tree that likely shaded him for his entire life.

“That pin oak was probably planted around the time i was born, maybe a decade after,” said Duke.

We don’t date Oak but this tree was likely planted in the 1940’s or 1950’s. Pin oak’s tend to have a shorter lifespan than their older cousins the red oak or second cousin the white oak. Pin oaks native range is typically south of New York but are commonly used in landscaping, golf courses, and public parks.

In a related point of interest about David A. Howe Library history, the local company who built the library, the L.C. Whitford Company posted this historical photo on the company social media page yesterday”

In 1916, Langford Clinton Whitford “Ford” founded The L.C. Whitford Company (LCW) in Allegany County to provide residential and commercial construction services to the communities.

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