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“Grow Your Own” online classes to begin on Fridays, March 10 thru November 24


Attend the events live at the Alfred Box of Books or learn online

By M.L.Wells, Master Gardener Volunteer Cornell Cooperative Extension Allegany County

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. A pair of bluebirds is back checking out the real estate and the snowdrops are up. It’s only late February!

The winter zoom talks on weather at the Box of Books are wrapped up and The Grow Your Own II is about to start. Think of last year’s program as 101. This year we are moving up a notch–102. If this is your first venture into growing your own veggies come along as there will be plenty of ideas for you. Old-timers? I am sure I can find you new information as well. This year we decided to add one recipe per session to suit the season–yum yum.

There will be 19 talks every two weeks on Fridays live from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Then you can find the recordings on the library’s YouTube page. They start on March 10 and end on November 24, of this year, 2023, just before Thanksgiving.

Here are the topics for March 10 and 24 and April 7 and 21: 1) Where to put your garden, or if it is already there, how to improve it. I have a friend who needs to cut down a tree or two to give his veggies more sun but he loves his trees too much. 2) This is really important–what to grow especially if your space is small.

But don’t give up. The Master Gardeners of Allegany County will be having a workshop on how to grow nine hundred dollars of food in only one hundred square feet–the size of two king-size beds! 3) Tips on how to amend your soil to increase productivity–more for your time, money and labor. 4) End of April all about Jack Frost and all about how to outwit him and save your extra-early crops.

Find us on the Box of Books webpage or join us live at the library at 1 West University, Alfred, NY 14802.  

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