Congressman Nick Langworthy is an open book during Belmont roundtable


The freshman elected to serve the 23rd Congressional District makes his positions very clear, answers questions directly

By Andrew Harris, pictured is Allegany County Chairman W. Brooke Harris and the Congressman

Watching Nick Langworthy address the crowd gathered in the county legislative chambers provided one major takeaway: Wow this guy isn’t pulling any punches. His speech to the crowd was full of both local and national themes, all of which contained blut, colorful quotes.

Reporting on every subject, every back and forth, every point made would be a long rambling read. This was a full ninety minute roundtable meeting. For this report on the Congressmans’s first visit to Belmont after being elected, the quotes will tell the story. Below are quotes from Langworthy on the wide-ranging number of subjects discussed during the roundtable:

“The Southern Tier is a place that has been forgot about for too long, by too many people . We’re going to change that.”

Congressman Nick Langworthy

On his first days in Congress:

“We had a little hard time electing a speaker”

“The end result of that process was a net positive. We have a more transparent rules package for the House, we have single issue Germaneness Rule…. no more printing 7000 page bills at 6pm at night and voting at 7am in the morning.”

“A 3 day waiting period allows the members, their staff, and the public to digest what is in the bill”

“It is great to be in the majority”

On the end of the pandemic:

“It is time to roll back these emergency orders.”

“The labor shortage is alarming”

“It is time to get employees back in the office”

“Very happy that President Biden announced on the 11th he is ending then federal emergency declaration”

On the US southern border:

“Our southern boarder is affecting this district everyday because of the Fentynal crisis”

“Enough Chinese Fentynal has come over the US/Mexico border in one year to kill the entire population of Arizona nine times over.”

“You don’t have a country if you don’t have a border”

On East Palestine rail disaster:

“This can not happen in our community”

“An embarassment to our federal government”

“We need to support the people of Ohio.”

Farm Bill:

“Working hard and delivering for our farmers.”

“Very lucky to have GT Thompson, who is the Chairman of the Agriculture, he’s just on the other side the Pennsylvania line”

“This is the Super Bowl of Agriculture policy.”

Recent House Rule Committee Appointment:

“I’ve been one of nine selected by Speaker McCarthy to serve on the Rules Committee”

“Every single piece of legislation has to come through the Rules Committee”

“It puts me on the frontlines of the entire legislative agenda”


“We’ve created a House Select Committee to study the “impact Chinese influence on American life”

“We are in an economic cold war all day long”

“They are addicted to our money, we are addicted to their cheap stuff and that has to end.”

“China is our greatest threat, internationally and domestically”

“We like our cheap stuff. We have to make things in American again, we have to support American manufactuaring.”

“China steals our intellectual property, they are completely dishonest brokers on the world stage”

Langworthy ended his remarks and thanked Lee James, who acts as his representative and has served many other elected-officials in the western NY and the Southern Tier. James recieved a strong round of applause.

Langworthy then began a question and answer session with those in attendance; largely legislators and other local elected leaders. We will detail those conversations in an upcoming second segment on the Congressman’s visit to Allegany County.

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