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ICS Celebrates the 100th Day of School 


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By Sandy Rigas 

February 15 was the 100th Day of School for the 2022-2023 academic year and Immaculate  

Conception School paid it tribute, continuing an annual celebration nationwide which began over 40  

years ago in an elementary school near San Francisco.  

This year’s ICS recognition of 100 days included a “100th Day Team Challenge” for K-6th grade.  

Divided into multi-grade teams, the challenge consisted of 10 stations through which the teams rotated. 

The stations’ activities were based on multiples of 10 and the number 100, such as doing 10 jumping  

jacks, 10 hopscotch hops, stacking 10 cups, assembling a puzzle, and more. The teams were timed and  

when finished, ranked from least to most time needed to complete all 10 tasks. 

The students were asked to create a “100” themed shirt to wear to school, which 

especially for the younger grades, reinforced math skills of counting to 100, counting by 10’s, etc. No  

shirts were alike and students & teachers enjoyed seeing everyone’s creative efforts!  A wide variety  

of colors, materials, shapes and designs were used. All participants received a small prize, and a prize for  

“Most Creative Shirt” was given to 5th grader Hazel Freeman, whose shirt carried the names of 100 of  

the thousands of ICS graduates, from the more recent ones to decades ago! 

“Our multi-age classrooms were ideal for creating teams with students of different ages,” said  

ICS principal Caitilin Dewey. “The students get to know each other better, as they are not just with their  

own grade level all day. It was fun to see the kids genuinely having fun working together as a team, the  

older ones helping the younger ones, the younger ones working with the older ones, instead of only 

competing with students from the same grade.”  

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