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Whitesville students experience amazing field trip to the new Dollar General


Mrs. Grimes class visited Whitesville’s new development


For years, residents of two states (well, you can hit Pennsylvania with a rock from Whitesville) flocked to Whitesville Central School for the best raffle auction around.

The auction would benefit the upcoming senior class and they would raise so much money, the trip each year was to Hawaii.

In 2023, the big news in the Whitesville, a population of just over 700, was the opening of the new Dollar General.

With great news comes great rewards.

On the Whitesville Central School Facebook page there was a post of a class going to a field trip to Dollar General. The school had some fun with it. The caption simply said “Major field trip today” with three hearts in the Whitesville colors of blue and white.

The students are from Mrs. Grimes’ class and she said in the comments, “We just finished our money unit for math, so I thought heck, why not! Let’s go practice our skills. They loved it.”

Before she was Mrs. Grimes, Stephanie Ellison went to Whitesville, but did not have the luxury of a Dollar General. However, she can teach the children a thing or two about the world outside of Whitesville, as the former best soccer player in the state played Division I soccer and at Houghton before signing a professional contract.

It’s great to have her back using education in the classroom (especially math because we all say ‘when will we need this?’) in the real world.

In the comments on the post, Deb Howe said, “I bet there’s going to be more than one field trip to that location!”

The post was fun and positive, but the best comment came from Erik Dibble who said, “Now y’all just need a Waffle House.”

Waffle House? That’s not a field trip. That’s a weekly destination!

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