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The Wellsville Sun is thrilled to announce a new partnership with WRAQ 92.7FM


Listen to our news on Angelica Community Radio

By Andrew Harris

What a thrill it is to announce that we have finalized an agreement with a true local treasure. Angelica Community Radio broadcasts from the heart of Allegany County on FM radio and streams live worldwide. The station has unique programming: Besides playing great music, have interesting collaborators, and now also feature Wellsville Sun news!!! It is very exciting to know our work is featured over the “airwaves” and the world wide web. The folks at WRAQ explain it best:

“One of the great things about radio is that it is inherently local and it is a tool for building community. Internet streaming is a fine supplement to on-air radio. WRAQ-LP broadcasts on the FM band in the traditional sense and on the internet – available anywhere.”

The broadcast schedule includes plenty of variety. On WRAQ you can hear how a scholar believes America’s founding fathers would regard the current state of our nation every Saturday on “The Thomas Jefferson Hour”. You can hear blues from Memphis on Tuesday on “Beale Street Caravan”. There are several children’s shows, like “Radio Reading Journey”, on Tuesday and Thursday. And you can enjoy a weekly program dedicated to Frank Sinatra each Friday on “Frank at Four”. Read that full schedule here

Don’t mistake this partnership for some cold technical agreement between two digital mediums. Nothing could be further from the truth! The main force behind WRAQ is Don Ash of Angelica. He and his bride Karen operated the popular and greatly missed “Black-eyed Susan” restaurant, which is where I met Don. As a fairly regular customer, I always took time to look at a painting hanging prominently in the restaurant called, “The Bear Dance,” by William Holbrook Beard.

As you can see, it is the kind of art that allows you to always find something new. Don and I once chatted about the painting and how hard it was to avoid smiling and feeling joy just by looking at for a few minutes. Eventually I bought a print and it hangs in my house where I still look at it and “smile, smile, smile,” very often. This is a long standing and multi-faceted partnership born from art. Pretty neat.

The WRAQ icon is easy to spot on the right hand side of our page, which is linked to the live stream broadcast. You can learn more about the station, visit their great site at:

Also connect Facebook

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