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New Poll: Will the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl this year ?


After an emotional season and a playoff win, is this the year ?

By Andrew Harris

I’m sports agnostic. I don’t care who wins but I enjoy how happy professional sports, especially the Buffalo Bills, makes people. I also don’t enjoy watching the misery of defeat, the dashed hopes, the shattered dreams. While I’m not a Bills fan per se, I do have some bona vides in understanding this obsession and have seen the darkest days in Bills history first hand.

I grew up in a time when the Buffalo Bills, rose up from being a marginal NFL team to making multiple Super Bowl appearances. Of course, the Bills haven’t been able to win Superbowl, ever. I’ve also grown up with the Felsen family of Wellsville NY, and very few clans compare with this families dedication to the Buffalo Bills. From Jim Kelly, to Bruce Smith, Marv Levy, Doug Flutie, and Josh Allen: The Felsen’s have worshipped them all, even in defeat. I’ve watched them riding high on the blue and red wave toward a championship, and I’ve watched them question the entire point of life after Scott Norwood’s infamous “wide right.” Three generations of Felsen’s are still super fans and still “Billieve” that a Super Bowl is inevitable. Read our story from last year about the new generation of Felsen Bills fans.

Is this the year that will make the entire Buffalo Bills family whole ? Place your vote and see what the rest of the Sun readers think about Super Bowl LVII, set for February 12th in Glendale Arizona.

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Looks like John Anderson has had enough wide right jokes as he interviews Scott Norwood
Downtown Historic Wellsville NY
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