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Poll results are in: Cannabis users still old-fashioned, large percentage still say no


614 votes cast on a consumption question

By Andrew Harris

Voting on this poll reinforced almost all the data available on contemporary cannabis use in today’s culture. Those who approve now largely outnumber those who do not, and that number grows daily. But not so much among our Allegany and Steuben County readers. In general terms this poll indicates that over 35 percent have no love for the famous plant. Interesting correlation is that 34% of municipalities in NY have opt-ed out of retail sales. That group can find some solice in the opinion of Chris Churchill of the Albany Times-Union. He is pretty sure that legalization is doomed in NY and that Andrew Cuomo simply changed tactics in this front of the “war on drugs.”

But if Churchill is wrong, cannabis is about to go mainstream and dispensaries will begin opening in places like Wellsville(well only in the town of,) Alfred, Bath, Scio, Corning, and Almond. As that happens, what will customers be buying? It seems that despite the wide range of cannabis products now available, the folks who voted just like to smoke.

Among the 64% who voted as consumers, about 80% prefer the cannabis flower, dried and cured to be smoked. The other twenty percent are part of the new age of cannabis use, edibles. These folks don’t just make brownies anymore. Because you can put cannabis into almost any food or drink or lozenge, eliminating large plume of very fragrant smoke which offends 35% of the population. No need to hide your love for cannabis from the family, always disappearing and coming back smelling like a skunk. Now many among us just grab a little lozenge and don’t have to hide out behind the barn with Uncle Cheech.

Of course “vape pens” have solved that problem for many already, although only 3.6% cast that vote in this poll. Using a vaporizor, it is very hard to tell if the liquid in the pen is nicotine or cannabis or both. Medical concerns have stopped many from using the vape pens, some data concludes that they create health risks which do not exist with simple burnt plant matter. Because most vape pens use a pre-manufactuared cartridge, the quality and potential contaminations are valid concerns.

Some of the new age delivery systems have unique differences but they all are lumped into a class called “concentrates.” Throughout history, hash or hashish, was made of the most potent parts of the cannabis flower. Today, they have technology and methods which allow for ultra pure concentrations. These are glowing, bright golden colored substances that, are consumed in much smaller quantities than the plant matter. In that world the saying goes, “A dab will do ya!” Considering the process required to create a concentrate, they are typically expensive compared to the raw material, which explains the lack of popularity in this poll.

Thanks for voting, even if you voted against!! In this poll, many of the results were viewed five times more than the votes cast. Maybe folks are a touch paranoid? Chill out, all voting on our site is completely anonymous!!

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