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Allegany County first responders are in Erie County, listen to audio


Wellsville, Friendship and Bolivar volunteers deploy with NYS Troopers to the Buffalo area

Michael T. Baldwin Reports, photo from National Weather Service

As disaster conditions continue today in Erie County and the Buffalo area from an historic blizzard, volunteers from Allegany County are once again sending help. On Christmas night, crews and equipment from Wellsville and Bolivar fire departed to provide much needed assistance to the Buffalo area to relieve weary first responders there.

Wellsville sent three pieces of equipment with crews and Bolivar sent a mini-pumper and crew. It wasn’t confirmed how long the crews would remain or if any other departments were requested. This is the second time in as many months that volunteers from Allegany County, under the NYS mutual aid plan, sent equipment and personnel to Erie County to assist in a major weather event.

Listen to Bolivar and Wellsville crews notify dispatch of deployment:


A city of Buffalo department sent this thank you to two supporting departments, one from Allegany County.

“A big thank you to our Brothers and Sisters of the Swormville Fire Company and Friendship Fire Department for letting the majority of our Main-Transit firefighter and EMS crews to take a breather for the overnight shifts.”

In addition to Allegany County first responders headed to Buffalo, Amity-based Troopers were also providing support in the City of Buffalo’s rescue operations. According to the police blotter, local Troopers investigated 36 cases of abandoned vehicles in the city on Christmas Day. (attached is a snapshot of the calls)

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