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100 acres added to Klipnocky State Forest, in northern Allegany County


The state forest is almost 3000 acres

In the winter of 2021, DEC acquired 100 acres in Klipnocky State Forest. Already a unique forest, this new property adds a new level of habitat diversity to the area. It is composed of 25 acres of hay fields and 55 acres of early successional habitat that is chock-full of blueberries, thornapple, and dogwoods. The remaining acreage has open ponds that are home to beavers and the occasional wood duck.

The DEC West Almond Forestry Office aims to actively managing this property for wildlife including small game such as cottontail rabbits, ruffed grouse, American woodcock, and ring-necked pheasants. The management plan for this area includes rotational mowing of the hay fields to provide nesting cover for birds such as meadowlarks and bobolinks. The early successional habitat will also be mowed intermittently to provide year-round cover and food for upland birds, rabbits, and deer. Established foot trails will be maintained to allow for easy exploration throughout the property for hunters, wildlife viewers, and other recreationalists.

There are many exciting possibilities for the new 100 acres. Future projects may include:

  • building an ADA compliant duck blind for hunting and wildlife viewing;
  • creating food plots in the uplands and wetlands for wildlife;
  • establishing switchgrass for upland bird cover;
  • planting seedling to benefit wildlife; and
  • hosting field trial events that allow bird hunters to train and trial their dogs through a Temporary Revocable Permit.

If you would like to explore this part of Klipnocky State Forest, there is a small parking area located on Gas Springs Road in the town of Almond.

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