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“The Christmas Story” wins our latests poll by a wide margin

By Andrew Harris

For most households, the minute the door shuts on Thanksgiving the Christmas movie season begins. The genre is quite vast when you consider all the movies with the holiday in the script. While many are playful comedies, the most popular and most timeless movies are nostalgia-laced.

The question asked of readers this week was simple: What is the Christmas movie you can not live without?

No Christmas movie can compete in the nostalgia department against “The Christmas Story.” The creators of that film were able to provide both humor and nostalgia to a multigenerational audience. Grandparents can relate to the Parkers life in the early post-WWII era and a much simplier holiday. Today’s parents can struggles with a house full of kids during the holidays and still remember being a kid at Christmas time. This brings back a time when BB guns were a common gift and helps you remember your neighborhood gang. Kids today even love this movie because it portrays the whole different their parents and grandparents lived in.

Two other movies recieved plenty of votes: The classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” starring Jimmy Stewart and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” one of Chevy Chase’s best performances. One goes back to the black and white Christmas that our older readers remember well. The other features a more modern, dysfunctional family holiday that many of us can relate to.

Why “Elf” didn’t get more votes I can’t understand. Fellow “Elf” lovers, you have wonderful taste in Christmas films.

“Die Hard” recieved the least number of votes from the almost eight hundred cast. This was John Anderson’s idea to include in the poll despite the loud voices who do not believe that “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie. John, the readers have spoken, and Bruce Willis is not dead!!!

Thanks for voting and stay tuned for a new poll starting every Monday(ish.)

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