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Town of Wellsville meeting Wednesday December 14, read agenda


Quicklee’s/Tim Horton’s development expected to get the green light

By Andrew Harris

Town officals will gather at the Wellsville Municipal Airport for a regular monthly meeting which will make a big impact. The largest new retail development in recent history was approved by the county planning board early this week.

That project is expected to be fully approved at the full town board meeting, paving the way for construction in 2023. Read more about that project in our previous reporting:


  1. Pledge to the Flag
  2. Resignation of Board Member
  3.  Minutes: 11/09/22 Regular Meeting

4.   Community Comment:

5.   Financial Reports

6.   Departmental Reports

7. Dan Helvestion: Update on Municipal Budling

8. HIGHWAY: Motion to transfer $14,583.74 from DA230BR Bridge Reserve to DA5120.401 Weidrick Road Bridge Replacement.

9. AIRPORT: A. Transfer $2,762.45 from EA230CM to EA5610.201 (Airport County Support) for                      Black top sealer ($1,849.00) and Tow Bar ($913.45)

             B. Resolution # 19 NYSDOT FY 2022 Aviation Capital Gant Program

10. QUICKLEE’S: A. Site Plan

                             B. Response to Allegany Co. Planning Board

                             C. Negative Declaration to SEQR

11. TOTAL SENIOR CARE: Discuss contract


            A. Sinclair Water District         

            B. Community Development

            C. Solar/Wind Committee

13. Supervisor/Councilmen Reports

  1. P. Graves –
  2. M. Miller –

C.   J. Case –

D.   J. Ormsby –

E.   S. Alsworth – A. Motion for Supervisor to sign Dog Shelter Agreements

                            B. Motion for Supervisor to Sign Highway Contract

                                  C. Schedule End of Year Meeting

D. Motion to transfer $79,611.82 From A1620.452 New Municipal Building Construction to A230BR Building Reserve.

14. Executive Session: Discuss Assessment Litigations

15.  Audit/Payment of Bills – Abstract # 12

Next Board Meeting: November 09 ,2022 – Regular Meeting

  • Planning Board Meeting: – November 14, 2022 Town
  • Airport Meeting: November 15, 2022
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