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WANTED: By the Wellsville Police Department


Wellsville Police Department Warrant List                   Updated 12/13/2022

Name                                 Age            address                            Charge                    

Baker, Naomi E.                  57          Rich Hill, MO                    Bench Warrant

Baldwin, Dustin J.               25           Eldred, PA                         Harassment 2nd

Beardsley, Colten C.            24          Wellsville, NY                    Assault 3rd

Blais, Stephanie E.              61           Westfield, PA                     Bench Warrant

Bleeks, Karisa L.                 39          Olean, NY                         Bench Warrant

Butler, Victor C.                  63          Friendship, NY                 Bench Warrant

Byrd, Gerroy A.                   54          Bedford, OH                     Bench Warrant

Carpenter, Paul J.                 49           Belmont, NY                      Bench Warrant

Clark, Matthew D.               30          Hornell, NY                       Bench Warrant

Cleveland, Paul W.              52          Belmont, NY                     Bench Warrant

Cline, Christopher J.           38           Wellsville, NY                    Harassment 2nd

Collier, Joseph W.               50          Wellsville, NY                     Bench Warrant

Cook, Duane C.                   44          Homewood, AL                 Bench Warrant

Cook, Lawrence D.             43         Olean, NY                           Bench Warrant

Cunningham, Lucas J.        22           Belfast, NY                        Bench Warrant

Edwards, Jeremiah D.         30           Wellsville, NY                    CPSP 3rd

Edwards, Jeremiah D.         30           Wellsville, NY                    Petit Larceny

Fanton, Eveleth S.               29           Wellsville, NY                    Bench Warrant

Fanton, William D.             40           Scio, NY                             Bench Warrant

Flint, Brandon W.               29           Wellsville, NY                   Bench Warrant

Flint, Brandon W.               29           Wellsville, NY                   Bench Warrant

Foster, Jerry L.                   45           Houston, TX                     Bench Warrant

Fountain, Gregory J.          59           Wellsville, NY                    Bench Warrant

Freece, Donovan A.           40            Shinglehouse, PA             Bench Warrant

Garber, David P.                34            Mt. Morris, PA                  Bench Warrant

Gates, Jason M.                 42            Deltona, FL                       C.P. Weapon 3rd

Geary, Robert M.               46            Delevan,  NY                     Harassment 2nd

Goodwin, Michael S.        28            Wellsville, NY                     Bench Warrant

Grover, Allen M.               28            Allentown, NY                   Bench Warrant

Hanbach, Matthew J.        36            Portland, TN                     Bench Warrant

Haner, Rendale E.             55            Ocala, FL                           Bench Warrant

Hayden, Jessica L.            44             Syracuse, NY                   Bench Warrant

Hoffman, Paula M.            41            Wellsville, NY           Endangering Welfare/Child

Hugar, Shawn R.                36            Scio, NY                           Bench Warrant

Hush, David M. Jr.             42            Belmont, NY                     Bench Warrant

Hyer, Wyatt D.                   19             Belmont, NY                    Bench Warrant

Jeffers, Andrew S.              26            Ulysses, PA                       CPCS 7th

Jimerson, Derrick A.          33            Olean, NY                          Bench Warrant

Jones, Rahsaan K.             46             Dover, DE                        Grand Larceny 3rd

Jordan, Earl C.                  79             Genesee, PA                   Issuing a Bad Check

Kirk, Christopher N.         37             Bradford, PA                    Bench Warrant

Knefley, Brandon J.          26             Walaceton, PA                 Bench Warrant

Lester, Robert J.                45             Wellsville, NY                  Bench Warrant

Lewis, Joseph U. 3rd        35             Rochester, NY                 Bench Warrant

Lipyance, Brian J.            32              Wellsville, NY                  Bench Warrant

Ludolph, Wendy L.          43             Canaseraga, NY               Bench Warrant

McConkey, Nicholas S.    30             Altoona, PA                     Bench Warrant

McConkey, Nicholas S.    30             Altoona, PA                     Bench Warrant

McFadden, Tyrone A.       47              Wellsville, NY                 Bench Warrant

Mendez, Ramon E.            31              Houston, TX                  Bench Warrant

Miller, Cheyenne M.          29             Canyon City, CO            Issuing a Bad Check

Miller, James R.                 32             Canyon City, CO            Sex Off. Reg. Violation

Miller, James R.                 32             Canyon City, CO             Bench Warrant

Miller, James R.                 32             Canyon City, CO             Bench Warrant

Mosher, Richard D. 3rd      39             Wellsville, NY                 Bench Warrant

Mosser, Damien J.              42             Punta Gorda, FL             Bench Warrant

Norris, Christopher M.       28               Livonia, NY                    Bench Warrant

Odell, Daniel J.                   27             Steuben Co. Jail              Bench Warrant

Ostrander, Jeremy R.          33               Olean, NY                      Misapplication of Property

Padilla, Kirk G.                  34               Wellsville, NY               Bench Warrant

Parker, Patricia L.              51               Wellsville, NY                Bench Warrant

Patinka, Dinah M.             47               Sabinsville, PA               Bench Warrant

Pedersen, Bryce K.            24              Canton, SD                     Bench Warrant

Penrose, Annalisa             46               Olean, NY                     Bench Warrant

Phillips, Joseph F.           45               Hornell, NY                    Bench Warrant

Prentice, Ricky A.            55                Wellsville, NY                Bench Warrant

Radcliff, Thomas J.          68                Belfast, NY                    Bench Warrant

Rodriguez, David             36                Wilkes Barre, PA          Bench Warrant

Rotach, Austin W.           26                Sterling, NY                   Bench Warrant

Rouse, Anson L.              34                 Rochester, NY               Bench Warrant

Russell, Johnathan T.        39              Bolivar, NY                   Harassment 2nd

Russell, Johnathan T.        39              Bolivar, NY                   Menacing 2nd

Russell, Jonhathan T.        39              Bolivar, NY                    Bench Warrant

Russo, Michael A.            22               Rochester, NY               Forgery 2nd

Russo, Samuel S.            42                Wellsville, NY                Bench Warrant

Scotchmer, Bryent AK     28                Scio, NY                        Harassment 2nd

Sheperd, Teejay L.           31                Rio Rancho, NM           Bench Warrant

Simon, Michael J.            46                 Wellsville, NY               Harassment 2nd

Sloan, Carlee A.               40                 Wellsville, NY                Bench Warrant

Smith, Javan P.                56                 Helotes, TX                   Bench Warrant

Smith, Randy L.               47                 Dansville, NY                Forgery 2nd

Springer, Scott P.             36                 Geneva, NY                 Bench Warrant

Stevens, Darnell R.          33                 Buffalo, NY                   Bench Warrant

Sweet, Kegin R.               19                 Belmont, NY                Harassment 2nd

Sylvester, Joshua T.         40                 Unknown                     Petit Larceny

Sylvester, Joshua T.        40                  Unknown                     Bench Warrant

Terry, William B.             34                 Wellsville, NY               Bench Warrant

Thagard, Akeyia E.          33                 Buffalo, NY                   Bench Warrant

Turner, Jeffrey S.             35                 Galeton, PA                  Bench Warrant

Tylicki, Raymond S.        50                 Olean, NY                      Bench Warrant

Vaughn, Brian A.             27                 Wellsville, NY                Bench Warrant

Vaughn, Dimencio D.      25                New York, NY                Trespass

Velazquez, Raul               55                  Wellsville, NY              Bench Warrant

Webster, Daniell E.         32                 Wellsville, NY                Petit Larceny

Webster, Rachael E.        26                  Prattsburgh, NY            Bench Warrant

White, Christopher C.     30                  Bolivar, NY                    CPCS 7th

Williams, Johnathon L.  27                  Wellsville, NY                Bench Warrant

Winsor, Abby M.            41                  Bradford, PA               Bench Warrant

Woodling, Jeremy E.      43                  Beaver Springs, PA      Bench Warrant

Wright, Theodore D.      31                  Wellsville, NY              Bench Warrant

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