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New Poll: You must choose only one Christmas movie to watch for all eternity, choose wisely


Imagine the ultimate holiday movie decision

By Andrew Harris

Christmas movies are a big deal to many households. You can’t watch these movies in the summer, it just doesn’t feel right. The movies that we are asking you to choose between are timeless.

Pretend you are on a remote island, stuck on a space shuttle for years, or have entered a parallel universe were the rule is: Only One Christmas Movie Allowed.

The question is: What is the Christmas movie you can not live without?

The choices aren’t that easy. Should it be nostalgic forever? Could you endure comedy indefinately?

Will Ferrell or Jimmy Stewart?

Bruce Willis or Chevy Chase ?

Maybe without Bill Murray, Christmas isn’t Christmas.

Your vote matters, the implications are enormous, so share this with a friend.

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