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Bolivar scam warning: Report any door-to-door shenanigans to police


Bolivar NY Police Officer gives detail on the latest swindle

By Andrew Harris

Sadly villians are among us, of all stripes and flavors. Thieves have been emboldened by “bail reform,” and the very small likelihood of being jailed. Read any police blotter and it is clear that law enforcement are spending lots of resources on larceny, burglary, vehicle theft, and of course non-stop scams. While many digital scams happen online, the con-artists who use the element of surprise are also still showing up at the front door.

After receiving reports of a door-to-door duo in Bolivar we asked a local police officer for some details on the scam:

“There has been a couple consisting of a middle aged man (5’8” ish, white, brown hair) and female appearing to be in her mid 20’s (5’5” ish, white, dirty blonde hair) in this area going door to door claiming to be from RG&E.  Both wear business attire and carry iPads.   They say the customer has overpaid on their bill and if the customer provides their banking information they can issue a refund.  Of course, no power company sends people door to door to issue refunds.  They would just credit your account.  So far we haven’t had any one fall for the claim, but we have numerous residents letting us know they were in the area.  No vehicle description or license plates were noted. “

Spread the word and be on the lookout for these fox wearing a wool suit.

Read our previous reporting scams and preventing them. ALCO Federal Credit Union President/CEO Michael Miller talks about bank fraud, and Allegany County Sheriff-elect Scott Cicirello give some of this tips for avoiding and reporting scams.

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