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Springer Spaniel Sunset by Jenna Keefer

Finally! The Mel Hunt 2023 Calendar is now available, view slideshow preview


Wellsville’s popular landscape and nature photographer releases her first calendar

By Andrew Harris

“You really should make a calendar!”

Whenever Mel Hunt puts a gallery of her images on social media someone wants a calendar. As any artist should, Hunt takes her fan-club demands seriously because they play a key role in her work:

“I really appreciate the support and encouragement from the community. I would never have thought of my photos as art, and never dreamed people would want them hanging in their homes. I hope they bring as much joy as I experience in taking them.”

Hunt has provided countless images to the Wellsville Sun since we started this project and we are, ourselves very big fans of her, and her work. Here are my favorite images from the calendar, and the link to buy Mel’s 2023 calendar and support her work.

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