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Wellsville Monarchs to plant milkweed on Main Street this Friday November 11, public welcome


New group dedicated to the endangered butterfly will plant the Fassett Greenspace

This Friday afternoon in Wellsville, a very subtle but very important intentional act will take place on Main Street. A group of activists will gather at the community gardens to make history in the village.

Never before have citizens organized and gathered in the Village of Wellsville to plant milkweed seeds in an effort to save Monarch Butterfly from extinction. This year in insect was placed on the endangered species list after a sharp decline in population. When a group of locals learned this, they formed group to make a difference locally.

The activists, who consist of village residents, approached the village mayor and board for support. In response to the request, you can now grab millkweed seeds from the village of Wellsville office!

When the butterfly lovers at the Fassett Greenspace heard about the project, it was a match made in milkweed. The “greenspace,” which grows flowers for enjoyment and vegetables/fruits for food has longed for this sort of partnership with the community.

“The greenspace is ideal for partnering with the Wellsville Monarchs!! We have met and talked and they will be using two small plots in the flower gardens to start a dedicated milkweed patch!” reported board member Elaine Hardman.

So the next stop for the Wellsville Monarchs is a milkweed planting party!! This Friday at 1:30pm, the group will meet at the Fassett Greenspace to make history for the sake of the Monarach butterfly and other pollinators. Meet the faces behind the project, grab some milkweed seed, ask questions, and get involved.

To learn more about the group and keep in touch, connect with them on Facebook today!

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