“An Evening with Great-Grampa and/or Great-Gramma,” in Andover on November 16


Tad Manske will talk about the social life of our great-grandparents at 6pm

On Wednesday, the 16th of November, at 6:00pm, the Andover Historical Society will present a program of historical interest at its museum on Greenwood Street.   The program is being presented by Tad Manske, a Society member. The title is “An Evening with Great-Grampa and/or Great-Gramma”.  Its topic will be the history of fraternalism in Andover, but all nearby public is cordially invited, as many of the fraternal orders looked at will have been found also in rural villages all over our area.  Refreshments will follow the presentation.

          Long before today’s electronic social media, before television, even before radio, the ways Great-Grampa and Great-Gramma spent their evenings were far different than we are familiar with.  Certainly church meetings and activities, checkers down at the general store, sewing circles and such were important; but not all other nights were spent with a pipeful of tobacco and the knitting bag in front of the fire.

          Some of those evenings were spent with those of like values, interests and backgrounds in the local community.  These occasions often took place within the context of one’s membership in a fraternal order.  Today, many of these once-influential bodies have dissolved into history, and even those which have survived are not as prominent a slice of society as they once were.  There was a time however, when they formed a pretty important part of the social fabric of American life.

          Please join us for what we promise will be an interesting, eye-opening and enjoyable evening.

Learn more about upcoming events on the Allegany County Historical Society on Facebook or visit: www.alleganyhistory.org

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