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The Monday Club works out with Sally Dannheim


Fun and fitness as members learn about “Healthy Stretching”

Fun and fitness were combined at this week’s Monday Club meeting when Sally Dannheim presented her program, “Healthy Stretching”. She had members on their feet, following several members of her twice weekly classes in moves to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. She explained the importance of maintaining these abilities as we age, and demonstrated ways to do so.

The program used no equipment other than member/s chairs, but the regular classes also use stretch bands and weights for some routines. Participants bring their own weights to fit their needs and abilities. There are also additional floor exercises provided for those who wish to do them. Sally has been leading these classes for years, and is a living example of “keeping in shape” through regular exercising. She not only teaches twice a week, but attends class elsewhere, too.

Classes meet on Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 470 North Main Street, in Wellsville. They last about an hour, and include friendly, welcoming company and healthful exercise for all ages of women and men. Sally concluded the program by answering questions and was offered many comments of appreciation by members.

On October 22, Monday Club members will join with other county Federated Women’s Clubs for their fall meeting in Fillmore. The Western New York topic is “Mental Health”. There will be presentations, luncheon, and a music program.

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