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Town of Wellsville meets briefly over Quicklee’s/Tim Horton’s traffic study


Alsworth: “This shouldn’t tie it up very long.”

Michael T. Baldwin Reports

The Wellsville Town Board gaveled into session for a special meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. The session was adjourned four minutes later. Up for discussion was the State Environmental Quality Review and the traffic study for the proposed Quicklee’s and Tim Horton development on Bolivar Road, just past the new Walgreen’s drive-thru pharmacy. Town Supervisor Shad Alsworth began the meeting with a statement:

“In the final review process, there were a few questions asked of the independent agency that provided the (traffic) study. Side note, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has already approved that study, but there were some questions asked. At the request of the Quicklee’s Development Company, I’d like for a motion to table further discussion on that traffic study until some additional information can be secured and added to the traffic study.” Council member Michael Miller made the motion to table and Council member Patty Graves seconded the motion. It was noted that after the additional information is added the matter would go back to the DOT for a second approval. Supervisor Alsworth said the changes should be made in about two weeks. He added “this shouldn’t tie it up very long.” The motion to table was approved by a 3-0 vote. After the initial adjournment, there was a post-meeting discussion for another 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Councilman Miller noted the traffic study was “about 130 pages” and said the study says the development area “can handle” the extra traffic.

Katherine D’Adriano Gordnier owns Beautiful Hair By Kathie at 4187 Bolivar Road. She engaged the Board with a few questions about a proposed sidewalk in the area, the traffic study and other issues. She said she appreciated the Council being transparent and answering her questions. The Board hopes to address the traffic study again in November. Once all permits are obtained, construction may begin next Spring.

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