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Have you visited Giant Food Mart’s deli department lately ?


Owner Nick Kusmierski talks about new equipment, menu items, and great jobs

By Andrew Harris

In Wellsville and Cuba, big changes at Giant Food Mart is community news. Earlier this year, when the stores installed new deep fryers and announced a new fish fry, it was one of the biggest stories of the week!!

The new ownership continues to upgrade and improve the deli department, making it one of the best places to grab lunch, dinner, and party food. We asked the new owner a few questions about the deli department progress:

WS: The deli department sure has changed a lot lately !!  Can you give us some specifics on the new equipment you’ve invested in ?

Nick K: We have just received a new stove and range in the Wellsville location. With that comes the installation of a fire suppression system and safety equipment. The install took a bit longer than expected, but it seems to finally be coming to a conclusion, so we are excited to get things started! In addition, we are expecting a new rotisserie oven by the end of the week, and installed soon thereafter. That will allow us to do rotisserie chickens a bit better than the over we previously had. Also, we will work towards offering some other selections, like rotisserie pork loins.

 WS: With all the new tools of the trade, do you have any new items in the deli?

Nick K: We will begin installing the foundation of bring new items on board. We have some fantastic recipes and items that sell at our other locations and this equipment will finally allow us to make those items. We plan to expand our heat and eat line, to include homemade meatloaf, breaded pork chops, and soups. It will be a learning process for our associates down in Wellsville, but we are confident in their abilities to pick up the program quickly.

WS: We know you also operate The Market in the Square stores in Erie and Niagara County.  What very popular items are you bringing to Allegany County from those very popular delis ?

Probably our most popular items in the West Seneca and North Tonawanda locations are the meatloaf and breaded pork chops. We are moving into the soup season now and we offer some great varieties like Buffalo Chicken Wing, Banana Pepper, but also the staples like Chicken Noodle and Beef Barley. It will take a bit of time before we have full offering available, but we hope to start getting some of those popular items out as soon as possible.

 WS: Do you have job opportunities in the deli department currently?  Do you need experience in a deli ?

We are always looking for customer focused and friendly employees in all departments! For the deli in particular, if you have food prep experience, or enjoy cooking and preparing foods, we may have an opportunity for you. Feel free to stop in and inquire, or go to and apply!

Since you have been operating the Giant Food Mart stores in Wellsville and Cuba, what is the one deli item you like the best ?

Something that I was familiar with but hadn’t really tried previous to running the stores in Wellsville and Cuba was the Cuba Cheese Curds. I must say that they are delicious! Having the local cheese available, the freshness, it is great to have a partner like them!

If you haven’t been in Giant for a while, now is the time to visit a new and improved stores. The layout and feel of the stores are changing all the time as the Kusmierski’s invest and improve. The deli isn’t the only place you can find new items and an improved shopping experience. Giant has a great butcher shop and the best beverage selection in the area!!

Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming specials at Giant, you can find them at and also published in full every Sunday morning on the Wellsville Sun. This sale starts Sunday October 9

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