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Bolivar Richburg Central Schools bans cell phone use for students during school hours, read policy and FAQ’s


By Andrew Harris

The subject is of intense debate: Should students have access to personal mobile devices at school?

In Bolivar-Richburg, the administration has announced where it stands by instituing a new policy which bans any mobile device from being used during the school day. Students may bring the device to school but if they are found using a phone, earbuds, smartwatch between 8:03am and 3:10pm, the following “disciplinary matrix” will be enforced.

First offense: The device will be confiscated and held in the main office until school ends. Students will be warned and be able to retrieve the device after school hours.

Second offense: The device will be confiscated until a parent or guardian physically comes to the school to retrieve the device.

Third offense: Confiscated device, parents/guardian must retrieve, plus 2 after school detentions

The district reserves the right to escalate the disciplinary action for repeat offenders, egregious disregard for the new school rule.

Read the district justification of this rule and the list of frequently asked questions that BRCS provided:

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