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Postcards for voter turnout


I proudly serve as an elections inspector in Allegany County and want to share a recent experience. 

Even though I worked in a small district that welcomed only forty voters, a few were carrying postcards mailed to them by candidates. These cards urged the bearer to vote and may have been what reminded (or perhaps even caused!) the voter to make the trip to the polling place.

While there is no way to know if the postcard influenced the voter’s choice of candidate, what can be known is that it absolutely made an impression.  Why else would a voter carry it with them and show it to inspectors?

Receiving a postcard, then, has the potential to do at least these five things:

  • Remind someone to vote
  • Cause someone to vote
  • Make an impression on a voter
  • Affect voter turnout
  • Influence the outcome of an election

Beginning Wednesday, August 31st, a group of local civic-minded volunteers will host postcard writing gatherings at public venues across Allegany County. The aim is to increase voter turnout. Your readers can learn more by emailing or calling/texting 585-466-0252. 

Karen Ash

Angelica NY

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