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Congressional Candidate Max Della Pia Outperforms in NY-23 Special


Read his statement as Della Pia looks ahead to the general election

Democratic candidate earned 46.7% of vote, a historically strong showing

 “It’s hard to write a concession when I don’t feel as if I’ve lost. My campaign was written off by every pollster across the country as a guaranteed Republican blow-out. Trump won the district by 15 points in 2016 and 11 points in 2020. Paladino and Langworthy spent millions of dollars to get out the vote between their campaigns and their dark money supporters.

To get within 5% or 6% shows the strength of my campaign. It’s clear voters are tired of the hyper-partisanship in Congress. They value a candidate who is looking to find common ground. That’s why the Post-Journal, the Buffalo News, and the Dunkirk Observer Editorial Boards endorsed my candidacy.

These results show the Midterm Election, in November, in the New NY23 is winnable and our momentum is not going to stop. This was an energizing experience, getting out the vote for November starts today.” said Della Pia.

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