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34th Annual Allegany Artisan Tour is set for October 14-16


It’s been 34 years since a group of artists and craftspeople joined together, named themselves the “Allegany Artisans” and opened their studios to the public for a weekend.

The artisans referenced their location near the Allegany foothills and across Allegany County by naming their event, “The Allegany Artisans Studio Tour.”

Over the decades, every Studio Tour has been a success. Each year, the group has worked to develop and promote their annual, cooperative event.

As always, this 34th annual Studio Tour will include Allegany Artisans of diverse styles, tastes, and traditions. You will find various art mediums such as clay, wood, cloth, metal, glass, wax, fiber, precious metals, found objects, cookie tins, gems, paint, paper, gourds and more.

Many of the Allegany Artisans have established an audience and market through participation in regional, national, and international events. However, during the Studio Tour weekend, each artist will be ready to welcome you into their studios.

For more information please email, visit,, or Instagram @alleganyartisanstour.

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