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Alfred Town Talk: MACE, Cell tower, electric charging stations


From Dan Acton, Alfred Town Supervisor

The town has been considering a group known as municipal association for code enforcement (MACE), an Allegany County consortium that provides code enforcement for 14 towns in our county. Board member Kenn Burdick reported that, after speaking to another contractor who has dealt with MACE, the group is knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Your supervisor previously reported, after speaking with several municipalities in the county, that other towns are very pleased with the services provided by this group. After discussion, the board resolved to use MACE beginning in January 2023. We plan to have an information session regarding MACE for the benefit of local contractors.

Much of the meeting was spent discussing the building permit application from Crown Castle pertaining to upgrading their cell tower. Our planning board reviewed the application and determined that it was incomplete due to among other things, insufficient information regarding the impact on air traffic over the tower. The applicant also identified threatened wildlife that they will need to deal with. We plan to work with them to complete the SEQR and develop an acceptable permit application.

Board member Fion McCrea reported on potential funding from New York Power Authority for a charging station in the town. That organization reviewed our location as well as others and suggested that the more desirable location was the village of Alfred. Their reasoning was that while people are waiting for charging they need something to do such as dine or shop and those options are more prevalent in the village. Fion reported that we may be able to get funding from another source which he will investigate.

Plan your delicious meal this week at the Rosebush in downtown Alfred NY!!!

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