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The Allegany County Eagle fought to the end, but could not be saved



For over a week, doctors at one of the top animal hospitals in the nation worked on the eagle found in the town of Amity in Allegany County on July 27.

However, the injured legs could not be repaired or heal and the eagle was put down.

The first step was checking for disease. Form there, the staff at the Cornell University Animal Hospital did everything they could to get the eagle to health.

“All test results came back including those for West Nile Virus and Avian Influenza, and they were negative,” said  Cheri Dobmeier of the Abbe-Freeland Wildlife Sanctuary. “The eagle was receiving aggressive supportive care and physical therapy to help him gain back the use of his legs. But sadly he lost all function of his legs and feet. The difficult decision was made. The greatest kindest that they could show him now was euthanasia.”

She said the magnificent bird was suffering.

“It is certainly not the outcome for him that anyone wanted. But he is no longer suffering. A magnificent bird like he was, unable to get off his back, laying there helpless, was no kind of life,” Dobmeier said. “We are so grateful to his vets at Cornell who worked with him and did everything possible for him. And to everyone who worked together to rescue him, thank you again.”

The SPCA Serving Allegany County was able to get the bird to the Abbe-Freeland Wildlife Sanctuary. Both organizations are grateful for any donations. The SPCA website is HERE

The Abbe-Freeland Wildlife Sanctuary said “only through your gifts that we can meet the needs of the many animals who depend on us.”

To donate to the Abbe-Freeland Wildlife Sanctuary:

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8104 Terwilliger Rd. Angelica,NY 14709

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