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Bolivar house demolition draws NYS Labor Department asbestos investigation, see video


421 Main Street in Bolivar was partially destroyed, stop-work order issued

by Andrew Harris, photo courtesy of NYS ACB website

Yesterday, reports of a home in Bolivar NY that was partially demolished, despite asbestos concerns, were confirmed by Village of Bolivar Code Enforcement Officer Roger Moyer.

Moyer told the Wellsville Sun that a Main Street home had been issued a permit to demolish the home at 421 Main Street in January 2022. The work began in late May of this year and at some point, asbestos became a concern. Moyer asked the landowner to stop work and hire a firm to survey the demolition site for asbestos exposure risks.

A written “stop-work” order was issued by Moyer in June, and according Moyer, the landowner refused to accept the stop work order.

Because the demolitions site is very close to a children’s playground, and the only village grocery store, local concerns were conveyed to the NY State Department of Labor and the ACB. The Asbestos Control Bureau is a state agency that oversees all things asbestos in the state. According to their website:

“The Asbestos Control Bureau (ACB) oversees the abatement of toxic hazards associated with asbestos fiber by performing inspections during the rehabilitation, reconstruction, or demolition of buildings and other structures originally constructed with asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. The ACB also responds to complaints with regards to asbestos. As well as enforcing the New York State Labor Law and Industrial Code Rule 56.”

An agent for the ACB, Mark Yoder, confirmed to the Wellsville Sun that he visited Bolivar today, inspected the site, but was not able to comment on any ongoing investigation.

John Neeson, from Neeson-Clark Associates of Olean NY, confirmed that the property owner has contacted him and contracted to have the site surveyed for asbestos exposure risk. According to Neeson, the property owner is then obliged to forward that report to the ACB.

Patrick Dempsey, of Wellsville is listed as the owner of the property. We asked Dempsey to make a statement on the situation but he declined to comment.

Currently the site is off limits and residents should keep a healthy distance until the ACB is able to make a determination on the danger posed by the demolition.

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