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Veteran grave theft hasn’t been forgotten, reward money capped at $13750


The Wellsville American Legion releases list of pledges

By Andrew Harris

The outrage over the desecration of 13 US Veteran gravesites in the Sacred Heart Cemetery in Wellsville still boils in the community. Almost immediately after the June 13th crime was discovered by local newsman Michael T. Baldwin, residents and family members began offering reward cash. Read Baldwin’s original scoop:

As the news spread, more and more pledges to pay a reward for the return and arrest of the criminals came forward. The reward went from $2000, to $5000, to $10,000 dollars in a matter of hours. The American Legion stepped into help organize the reward effort and will be collecting the pledge money should the reward be collected. Below is the updated list of pledges whose combined effort is a $13751 windfall for someone with the right information. So much money that American Legion Commander Brent Roberts explained:

“We are going to cap it at this amount , just afraid if we keep adding to it someone may hold out for a bigger reward and we will never catch this person or persons.

We would like to thank everyone.”

So far, three weeks after the shocking defacement of the graves, the reward still stands and local police have not reported any leads in the investigation.

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