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Don’t miss this: David A. Howe Library in Wellsville, “Flood of 1972” photo exhibit


See images from the event that shaped Wellsville’s history like no other

By Andrew Harris, photo by Richard Neal courtesy of the Allegany County Historical Society

It’s flood week in Wellsville, amidst a near drought. Fifty years ago Wellsville, and much of southern NY was just beginning to reckon with the impact of Hurricane Agnes. From Binghamton to Erie PA, towns like Wellsville were facing a near apocalyptic reality: Massive flooding, whole neighborhoods washed away, livestock carcasses in the streets.

For the remainder of June 2022, the library will have an exhibition of photos from 50 years ago to commemorate the anniversary.

The public is invited to visit and enjoy the history.

Are you a Wellsville history buff? Don’t miss Bill Hendricks recollection of the flood as a member of the Emerald Hook and Ladder Company.

Also at the David A. Howe are more contemporary events and attractions!! Check out the upcoming yoga and Pride events!

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