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By Douglas Sciorra

Family of Edward Curtis Sr. speaks out, adds to reward for grave vandalism arrest


$7500 now being offered for return of stolen plaques

From the Martelle Family,

This is our Grandpa. We are matching the $2000 reward if we get the plaque back and names of those involved. The reward money is now higher than you can ever possibly get for the metal or bronze. Time to speak up!*

This is the man, the soldier, the veteran whose grave was vandalized and his plaque stolen. He fought in Europe during WWII. He fought for this Country and everything it stands for. He had a wife, 4 kids and 7 grandchildren. He was a good man.

He is one of 13 graves with stolen veteran plaques. These brave souls don’t deserve such disrespect and neither do their families. Let’s humanize this crime and show the people who were actually stolen from and not just the headstones. There are real people and families connected to those stones that were so horribly vandalized. Let’s get to know those Veterans.

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