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By Lacey Gardner

Fassett Greenspace in bloom on Main Street Wellsville NY, view slideshow


Water fountain renovations are almost complete

By Andrew Harris

It’s time to visit the Fassett Greenspace in downtown Wellsville. Spring growth and bloom is manifesting itself in some very rewarding ways. Our iris display is the best you’ll find for miles, and the William Underhill designed fountain is back working after some amazing efforts by the garden’s “Fountainmaster.”

That is Andy Glanzman, the head honcho at the Wellsville Creative Arts center and the owner of the lot which the greenspace exists. Andy and his wife Tina have been instrumental in making this space happen, period. Now as a volunteer for the project, Andy is known as the “Fountainmaster.” It is a big job and the impact is enormous. Have you glanced over at the water fountain, or walked around the garden hearing that bubbling flow? Thank Andy for being the caretaker of the fountain and sculpture by our recently deceased friend William Underhill. This fountain is a big deal for downtown Wellsville and Andy is dedicated to maintaining, repairing, and improving the feature. If you see him, thank him.

The strawberries are starting to form fruit, several different herbs are ready for harvest, and the volunteers will be planting peppers and tomatoes this week. Soon our new berry bushes will have fruit, lettuces will be ready to harvest, and we’ve just added a bunch of new flowers with the guidance of dear friend Angela Glickstein.

While the gardens are great, keep in mind that the Fassett Greenspace also has outdoor percussion instruments for the whole family. Stop by Sugardaddy’s ice cream stand and let the kids bang on the instruments, walk through the labyrinth style gardens, or relax in the new shade space. And don’t forget the sidewalk chalk!! We encourage chalk graffiti by little kids, chalk located at the Little Free Library which always has some great books you can grab and read.

The Fassett Greenspace is for everyone, free to visit and hangout and also the crops planted are for everyone!! Yes anyone can harvest, responsibly, the vegetables and herbs in the greenspace for FREE. Just leave the flowers please!!

For more information on the Fassett Greenspace, connect with them on Facebook or visit:

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