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News from “South Wellsville:” Model A Brewing wins big, Beach Club opens today


Brad O’Connor and Jerod Jones, photo provided

Brad and Jessica O’Connor’s brewery earns “Crown Jewel,”, opens a second location

By Andrew Harris, Brad and I share a great-grandmother

“Wellsville South,” aka Tega Cay, South Carolina, is booming. A big part of that boom is thanks to the O’Connor family and their Model A Brewing operation. In a short period of time it has become a hot spot, even a Mecca of sorts for the many Wellsville folks living in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. The brewery has quickly earned a reputation for top quality craft beer and now have been officially crowned champions. The O’Connor’s biggest cheerleader, Dr. Thomas Hyslip, wants to make sure everyone in Wellsville proper got this news out of Model A:

“Our Prohibition ESB is a beer our head brewer Jerod Jones has been refining for nearly 15 years, this batch he said was “right”. We are elated to announce that we were voted the Crown Jewel of the Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance inaugural CLT Brewed competition. In a field of amazing Charlotte and YoCo breweries, we are humbled and extremely proud. In addition to our best of show winner we placed 2nd in Dark/Malty with our GABF winning Roggenbier (on tap soon). We couldn’t be happier with the acknowledgement of the work we’re putting in to making the best craft beer we can. Prohibition is on tap now for a short while longer.

Interested in reading more?…/clt-brewed-awards-winners-2022…

This wasn’t the only big news from Model A Brewing this week. Just imagine this possible conversation between the O’Connor’s this morning:

Brad: Hey Jess! Remember that time our new brewery was crowned the best in the whole city ?

Jess: It’s amazing, I can’t believe how that place has taken off!! Did you remember we have big plans tonight ?

Brad: We do? Does Nora(their daughter) have something going on ?

Jess: Wow that beer must have been good!! Brad, tonight is the grand opening of our new Model A Beach Club and Restaurant. You are kind of in charge of this….

Brad: Oh ya sure, I’m all set honey, it will be a great night!

Model A is opening a second location tonight and it is sure to be another feather in the O’Connor’s cap. Here is a view from the soon-to-be packed parking lot!

Model A Beach Club and Restaurant

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