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Allegany County can still cut fuel tax for summer driving season


NYS is set to extend deadline for counties to enroll in program

By Andrew Harris

Legislator Adam Cyr

Yesterday during the special Committee of the Whole meeting at Houghton College, District 3 Legislator Adam Cyr bemoaned the decision not participate in the state program that temporarily reduces tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. As of yesterday, Allegany County had not enrolled in the program before the May 1st deadline. It appeared that the county would be unable to provide the tax relief during the summer peak consumption period. Cyr and other legislators who favored the tax cut began planning to ensure the county didn’t miss the next deadline.

This morning, just before legislators were set to hold several committee meetings in Belmont, news of a state extension of the deadline came to light. It appears now that Allegany County has until May 16th to enroll in the program. The NYS Assembly and Senate have passed S8947, a law that extends the deadline for counties to participate in the tax cut. The Governor is expected to sign that bill this week.

In response to that news, the Allegany County legislature appears poised to reverse course and participate in the fuel tax cut. According to one legislator, “expect movement on this today.”

The reduction in fuel tax doesn’t guarantee that gas statins will reduce prices.

The Wellsville Sun will update readers on developments from the legislative sessions today in Belmont.

Update 11:30am: Just in from Brenda Rigby Riehle, Clerk of the Board, Allegany County Board of Legislators: “There will be a special Committee of the Whole meeting at 3:00 p.m. today, May 4, to discuss the fuel tax suspension.”

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