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Allegany County Legislators set to hold special “retreat” at Houghton College May 3


The gathering will be a public meeting of the Committee of the Whole

Legislators will be back at work on May 4 with four key committee meetings

By Andrew Harris

Phil Stockin, the leader of the Allegany County government is nearly a superhero in the little town of Houghton NY. Phil was a student at Houghton Academy and then the headmaster for decades until retiring with emeritus status. At Houghton College, in the village of Houghton, or on any back road in the town of Caneadea: This is Phil Stockin’s backyard.

Like a large backyard BBQ full of fellow politicians, Stockin will preside over a day-long meeting with the following agenda starting at 9am:

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Roll Call
  3. Greeting from Houghton College President Wayne D. Lewis
  4. Educational Retreat
  5. Lunch Break
  6. Attorney/Client Session (Around 1:00 p.m.)
  7. Future Committee of the Whole Meetings
    a. Development
    b. EMS
  8. Adjourn (2:00 p.m.)

Certainly the legislators will be discussing the recent decision not to cut the local fuel tax, and the public reaction. The new Department of Public Works Friendship facility project, the recent debate about the future of economic development efforts, and multiple issues emerging in New York State are sure to be part of the discussion.

After spending the day in Houghton, legislators will be right back at the job with four committee meetings on Wednesday May 4.

The Public Works meeting, at 1pm, will be a general overview of the department by Superintendent Justin Henry with some specific updates on major projects, See Full Agenda

Public Safety is the next committee meeting planned for the day. Sheriff Rick Whitney will submit a detailed report on his department and the county jail. Emergency services chief Jeff Luckey will detail his work last month along with several other department heads, See Full Agenda with jail data

A Personnel Committee meeting is next with some good news for county employees and signs of increasing wages at all pay grades. Sheriff Whitney has asked to committee allow him to offer a higher starting wage in order to recruit new hires. Read the full agenda.

The last meeting of the day will be Human Services, which oversees a huge portion of the county government: The health department, social services, and the office for the aging are large organizations within the county and all will be submitting monthly reports. Read those reports in the agenda.

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