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Multiple village election results in Allegany County


The March 15th election included the results from these six village elections

By Andrew Harris with a report from Michael T. Baldwin

Yesterday’s elections in Allegany County were a little bit different. This election was unique in several ways, most notably, that these are all village elections. The other interesting part about these elections is that they are not all under the county Board of Elections administration. As Deputy Commissioner of the Board of Elections, Barb Broughton explains:

“The only village elections that the Board of Election runs are at the will of the voter & village Boards. So we have Andover, Angelica & Wellsville. All have passed the necessary measures to move their elections to the county as well as move their election to coincide with the November Election.”

Michael T. Baldwin, has kept close tabs on this election and had this to report:

“Tuesday was village election day in New York, except the village of Richburg seemed to miss that memo. Mayor John Day was not seeking re-election. However, since the village didn’t conduct an election, Day is stuck with the job for another year unless he immediately resigns. That information from the county Board of Elections, which understands the law but has no control over village elections. Two village board seats are also in turmoil. The seats held by Tyler Kasperski and Dan Dunbar were up for election, however, since the village didn’t conduct an election as required by law…who is running the village is anyone’s guess. Richburg isn’t the only Allegany village in laughable confusion…enter Canaseraga, where a Trustee race ended in a tie. A run-off election must be held in ten days or a court could decide. Unofficial word is there will be another election. Calls to both towns resulted in voicemail.”

Below are the results that we have, which were reported to the Board of Elections:


Winners: Meredith Field-Trustee

                   Laurette Guild-Trustee

Almond: (All winners were via a write in only)

Winners: Dennis George-Mayor

                   Paul Gabriel-Trustee

                   David Giles-Trustee


Winners: Raymond DeTine-Mayor

                    Vincent Evans-Trustee (4 yr term)

                    Linda Healy-Trustee (4 yr term)

                    Lisa Schmitt-Trustee TFV

Bolivar: Had no seats to be voted on in 2022


Winners:  Jessica Satterfield-Trustee

No winner-tie vote-Trustee-this will now need to be a Run Off Election. The BOE did a manual recount for the Village this morning. All questions should go to the Village Clerk.


Winners:  Steven Raub-Trustee

                    James Barnes-Trustee

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