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NYC subway carnage

The subway system in the “Big Apple” had a very bloody weekend. Four people were stabbed in attacks and one pedestrian was killed by a train while walking the tracks. MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan told The Gothamist this to explain this and other recent acts of random violence on the subways:

“Investigations into Saturday’s incidents are in early stages, but these events underscore the urgent need for the initiative that Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams announced last week to enhance services for people with serious mental illness experiencing homelessness, and to step up enforcement of the code of conduct in the subway system,” Donovan said.

Domestic quarrel escalates into arson and injuries officer in Albany

A mother and her son were not getting along and let’s just say, things got out of hand. Police came to the scene after the mother had attempted to burn down the house with her teenage son inside. The son escaped injury but not the first responders who rushed to the scene.

When they arrived, the mother was still in the house while it was on fire. During the the process of removing the mother from the fire, a “metal canister” exploded and injured a police officer. He was treated and released from a nearby hospital. Read the whole story:

Rescues on Saratoga, Great Sacandaga Lake, and Lake George

Last week’s brief thaw seems to have thinned the ice on major Adirondack park lakes. Rescue crews have responded to several calls of snowmobiles and ATV’s falling through the ice. On Saratoga Lake, a group riding four wheelers fell through the ice but were all successfully rescued. A similar fate befell a group of ATV’s and snowmobiles on Great Sacandaga Lake, reports indicate that rescue attempts were ongoing.

A warm week ahead may signal the end of ice racing and recreation on NY’s lakes for the winter season.

In Lake George a tourist staying at a motel was the victim of what the local fire chief described as an annual event. When Prospect mountain thaws each year, the runoff flows directly to the Howard Johnson motel. This year the water was about four feet high in the parking lot.

Highly contagious flu on Long Island causes worry

The news just seems to get worse as you head further east in the state. Public health officials on Long Island have detected a highly contagious bird flu in a backyard flock.

Many virologists and experts on contagious disease warn that the next global pandemic could start with a captive birds or swine. In the last twenty years, both birds and swine have created epidemics in the US and abroad. Read more from NBC:

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