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By Douglas Sciorra

ICS honored for 146 years of a long-lasting impact on Wellsville thanks to staff and alumni


Immaculate Conception School students, faculty, officials from the Diocese of Buffalo and Wellsville Mayor Randy Shayler celebrated National Catholic Schools week on the steps of the school Wednesday. Photo courtesy Nick Davis/Genesee Valley Media.


For 146 years, education and a strong sense of community and faith has been the backbone of Wellsville thanks to Immaculate Conception School.

On Wednesday, the top officials from the Diocese of Buffalo drove to Wellsville to celebrate National Catholic Schools Week. Dr. Tim Uhl (Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Buffalo and Bishop Mike Fisher of the Diocese of Buffalo joined Wellsville Mayor Randy Shayler and Immaculate Conception Father Jim Hartwell to honor the school, faculty and students.

Shayler said it was his honor to speak about the school, especially knowing the teachers and alumni. He said the current 8th-grade class invited the mayor and others and made the day happen.

“In honor of, and with respect for the many years of public service provided to Wellsville, New York, by Immaculate Conception School and for the alumni thereof, who have been, and are, the fabric of our community, it is a privilege to recognize ICS’s contributions and long-lasting impact on our village and beyond,” Shayler said while reading a proclamation.

From left, Dr. Tim Uhl (Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Buffalo, Wellsville Mayor Randy Shayler, Immaculate Conception Father Jim Hartwell and Bishop Mike Fisher of the Diocese of Buffalo. Photo courtesy Nick Davis/Genesee Valley Media.

“This is a wonderful time for the school and an honor to have so many with us from the Diocese and Mayor Shayler,” said Father Hartwell. “It is nice to be recognized for all that we do.”
At the end, Shayler said Feb. 2, 2022 would be proclaimed Immaculate Conception Day in the village.

Bishop Fisher said, “Thank you for this wonderful honor Mayor Shayler as we continue our celebration of National Catholic Schools Week. It is a blessing to be able to come down and meet all of you. I am looking forward to seeing the students in the classrooms. This is an opportunity to certainly thank our parents who love us and give us the great opportunity of a Catholic education.

“Not only it helps us to become good citizens and good people, but Saints as well,” Bishop Fisher continued. “Who wants to be a Saint? Everybody wants to be a Saint! In a special way, I want to thank all of our teachers. The teachers and administrators are so important. They love us, they take care of us and they sacrifice so much for us and our school here. They keep us going.”

Former ICS principal Sister Alice Roach also attended the ceremony and the 90-year-old celebrity posed for photos with students and dignitaries.

Students pose with Sister Alice Roach. Photo by Nick Davis/Genesee Valley Media.
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