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Allegany County offers Covid-19 vaccinations in Belmont, schedule here


The Allegany County Department of Health (ACDOH) will be holding the following COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Location: County Office Building, 7 Court Street, Belmont, NY 14813

To find and register for an ACDOH vaccine clinic go to or use to find a vaccine clinic, call your local pharmacy, or call your healthcare provider. Please bring your insurance card and photo ID to the ACDOH clinic. All vaccines are FREE. Your insurance will only be billed for an administrative fee, and no one will receive a bill for these services. Please register for an appointment by using the registration links below. You can also call 585-268-9250 if you need help scheduling an appointment. Please share this information with family and friends.

Type of VaccineDateTimeLink to Register
Pfizer Booster (12 & up)Fri., Jan. 28, 20221:00pm- 5:00pmPfizer Booster (12 & Up)
Johnson & Johnson Booster (18 & up)Fri., Jan. 28, 20221:00pm- 5:00pmJ&J Booster (18 & Up)
Moderna Booster (18 & up)Fri., Jan. 28, 20221:00pm- 5:00pmModerna Booster (18 & Up)
Pfizer 1st Dose (ages 12+) (auto registered for 2nd dose 2/22/2022 )Tues. Feb. 1, 202210:00am- 5:00pm1st Dose (ages 12+)
Pfizer 2nd Dose (ages 12+)Tues. Feb. 1, 202210:00am- 5:00pm2nd Dose (ages 12+)
Pfizer Booster (ages 12+)Tues. Feb. 1, 202210:00am- 5:00pmBooster (ages 12+)
Pediatric Pfizer (5-11 only) 1st Dose (auto registered for 2nd dose 2/22/2022)Tues. Feb. 1, 202210:00am- 5:00pmPediatric (ages 5-11 only)
Pediatric Pfizer (5-11 only) 2nd DoseTues. Feb. 1, 202210:00am- 5:00pmPediatric 2nd Dose (ages 5-11only)
Moderna 2nd Dose (18 & Up)Wed., Feb. 2, 20221:00pm- 5:00pm2nd Dose (18 & up)
Moderna 1st Dose (18 & Up) (auto registered for 2nd dose 3/8/2022)Tues. Feb. 8, 20221:00pm- 5:00pm1st Dose (18 & up)
Moderna Booster (18 & Up)Tues. Feb. 8, 20221:00pm- 5:00pmBooster (18 & up)
Moderna 2nd Dose (18 & Up)Tues. Feb. 8, 20221:00pm- 5:00pm2nd Dose (18 & up)
Pfizer 2nd Dose (12 & up)Wed. Feb. 9, 20221:00pm- 5:00pmPfizer 2nd Dose (12 & up)
Pfizer 2nd Dose Pediatric (5-11)Wed. Feb. 9, 20221:00pm- 5:00pmPfizer 2nd Dose Pediatric 5-11
Johnson & Johnson 1st Dose (18 & up)Tues., Feb. 15, 20221:00pm- 4:00pm1st Dose (18 & Up)
Johnson & Johnson Booster (18 & up)Tues., Feb. 15, 20221:00pm- 4:00pmBooster (18 & Up)
Pfizer 2nd Dose (12 & up)Tues., Feb. 22, 202210:00am- 5:00pm2nd Dose 12 & Up
Pfizer 2nd Dose Pediatric (5-11)Tues., Feb. 22, 202210:00am- 5:00pmPediatric 2nd Dose
Pfizer Booster (12 & up)Wed., Feb. 23, 20221:00pm- 4:00pmPfizer Booster (12 & up)
Pfizer 2nd Dose (12 & up)Sat., Feb. 26, 20229:00am- 12:00pm (Noon)2nd Dose (12 & up)
Pfizer Booster (12 & up)Sat., Feb. 26, 20229:00am- 12:00pm (Noon)Booster (12 & up)
Pediatric Pfizer (5-11 only) 2nd doseSat., Feb. 26, 20229:00am- 12:00pm (Noon)Peds. 2nd Dose (5-11only)

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