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You must wear a “medical-grade” face mask at all Jones Memorial Hospital facilities


No more cloth masks inside the hospital or remote medical practices

“Jones Memorial is requiring now all patients and visitors to wear a medical-grade facemask when inside any Jones Memorial building. This includes the hospital and medical practices.

If you do not have a medical-grade mask, one will be provided to you upon entry. You may still wear your cloth mask, but only when it is worn OVER a medical-grade mask.”

On social media, Rachael Michaela noted that another county hospital has also been enforcing a strict mask policy:

“Cuba hospital makes you take off your mask and change into theirs at the door. Every. Time. No matter what mask your wearing. It’s BS.”

Why the new policy on masking? In general, and all across the nation, the reason is that the newest variants are much more contagious and cloth masks are less effective when compared to medical grade masks. “The Hill,” has a good overview with lots of links to supporting documentation.

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