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Town of Wellsville announces 2022 appointments


On Wednesday January 5th, the Town of Wellsville held its annual organizational meeting at the Wellsville Municipal airport, the temporary town headquarters. This morning, Town Clerk Danielle Osgood released the appointments made during the meeting:

Year 2022 Supervisor’s Appointments

Upon Recommendation of the Supervisor

Requires Town Board Approval

First name denotes Chairman

Board of Ethics (1-year appointments):  Ronald P. Lanphier (chairman), Marc L. Johnson, Susan C. Goetschius, Jesse Case (fifth person to be determined at a later date.)

Bookkeeper to the Supervisor:  Michelle Dunbar

Depository (for Town funds/banking):  Community Bank, N.A.

Deputy Town Clerk (offered by Town Clerk):  Sally Boehl

Deputy Town Clerk Hourly wage/rate:  $13.50 /hour (approx. 38 hours/week-Town Clerk’s degression,[sic])

Deputy Registrar (offered by Town Clerk):  Sally Boehl

Dog Control Officer:  Cathy Faulkner

Emergency Alert System Radio Station:  WJQZ/WLSV

Emergency Services Council:  Chris Martelle, William Day, Jr., Patricia Graves

Flood Plain Verification:  Rich Wenslow (Town Code Enforcement Officer)

Fuel Farm Committee:  Brian Smith (Acting Town Highway Superintendent)

Justice Court Clerk (offered by the Justice):  Wendy Seeley

Marriage Officer:  Timothy Colligan

Mileage Rate:  $0.585/mile

Official Newspaper:  The Spectator

Online News Site:

Payroll pay period:  bi-weekly

Petty Cash AccountsAssessor-$50.00         Business Office-$50.00      Airport-$250.00 

Highway-$100.00       Justice-$50.00       Tax Collector-$100.00      Town Clerk-$500

Records Manager Officer:  Danielle Osgood (Town Clerk)

Registrar of Vital Statistics:  Danielle Osgood (Town Clerk)

Salary of Town Officials:  as per Year 2021 budget as adopted (Salary/wage breakdown available by Payroll Clerk)

Payroll Clerk:  Danielle Osgood (Town Clerk)

Town Attorney:  Michael Finn

Town Board Meetings (Held Monthly):  Second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm, unless otherwise advertised

Town Historian:  Ronald Taylor

Review Procurement Policy Committee:  Jesse Case, Patricia Graves

Year 2022 Supervisor’s Appointment

For Information Only-Town Board approval NOT required

Deputy Supervisor:  Patricia Graves

Park Supervisor:  To be determined and approved by the Town Board

Delegate to the Association of Towns:  Patricia Graves

Alternate Delegate:  Jesse Case, Shad Alsworth

Emergency Management Officer:  Christopher Martelle

Deputy Emergency Management Officer:  William Day, Jr.

Committee and Liaison Supervisor Appointments

First name denotes Chairman

Airport Committee:  Michael Miller

Water/Sewer Districts Committee:  Jesse Case / Shad Alsworth

Assessor Committee:  Patricia Graves, Shad Alsworth

Audit Committee:  as designated by the Supervisor as needed

Consultant to Flood Plain:  Rich Wenslow (Town Code Enforcement Officer)

County Legislature Liaison:  Patricia Graves

Dog Control Liaison:  Jesse Case

Emergency Services Plan Coordinator:  Christopher Martelle

Emergency Services Plan Coordinator Deputy:  William Day, Jr.

Emergency Services Plan Coordinator Liaison:  Shad Alsworth

Fire and EMS Liaison:  Patricia Graves

Highway and Bridge Liaison:  Shad Alsworth

Investment Committee:  Michael Miller, Michelle Dunbar, Michael Finn

Landfill/Recycling Liaison:  Michael Miller                                                  

Committee and Liaison Supervisor Appointments (cont.)

Planning Board Liaison:  Michael Miller

Town Court Liaison:  Jesse Case

Village Board Liaison:  Patricia Graves

Building Code Inspector/Officer:  Rich Wenslow

Park Committee:  Shad Alsworth / Jesse Case

Park Schedulers:  Danielle Osgood (Town Clerk), Sally Boehl (Deputy Town Clerk)

Board of Assessment Committee:  Shad Alsworth, Patricia Graves

Cemetery:  Maintained by Town of Wellsville Highway Crew under the direction of Brian Smith (Acting Town Highway Superintendent)

Cemetery Liaison: Jesse Case

YMCA Liaison: Shad Alsworth

Community Development Committee:  Jesse Case, Mike Miller

Solar Committee:  Michael Miller, Jesse Case

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