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Congressman Tom Reed lambasted and lauded by constituents for encouraging electric vehicle charging sites


By Andrew Harris

Today Tom Reed, the Republican Congressman from Corning NY who serves the 23rd District, made the following statement:

“Electric vehicle charging stations will be a reality for our communities, thanks to funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. This will be a boost for our region’s amazing tourist destinations that will now be more easily accessible to electric vehicle drivers. By providing convenient charging for long-distance traveling, as well as for daily use, the investments from this bill will see an increase of electric vehicles to our area.”

That statement brought the wrath of some constituents, many already irritated over a sexual harassment scandal that will end Reed’s career at the end of this term and cost the 23rd District dearly. The post also brought cheers from the more progressive citizens of the 23rd District. As one outspoken resident of the 23rd commented:

William Hungerford: Tom’s vote for investment in infrastructure has fired up his critics, some whom may be constituents and some of them long time supporters.

The Lambasting:

Rebecca Towner: Yeah, this should see a real uptick in our region, especially more rural areas. I don’t know about anyone else but we lose power multiple times over the course of our extended winters…remind me how these electric vehicles will benefit us.

Michael Smoker: How is a 14 hour charge convenient?

Charlie Santi Jr.: Only rich people can afford electric cars. How about something for those of us struggling to keep 20+ year old cars running.

Walter D. Bialkowski: Don’t tell me you voted for this, Tom~ you are not representing the majority of your constituents anymore, are you? This bill has many wrong things “hidden” within it. I’m becoming sorry I defended you as I often did, including here, on your page where so many people who hated you made foul comments. At one time, you were doing the right thing. What happened??

The Lauding:

Michaela Patterson Golya: Thank you again for supporting the infrastructure bill. Our business requires lots of road time within the region; hybrid / electric vehicles and charging stations are in our future. And many others travel our beautiful region who will appreciate and require charging stations.

Anne Garretson: What’s the source of all the incorrect fear mongering in these comments about batteries not working in the winter.? I wonder if all the people who’ve been driving electric cars in northern climates for the past 15 years are aware of that. 😆

Antonio Robles: I went to a winery over two years ago, I wish I could remember the name but, they had charging stations in their parking lot. I was very impressed.

Judi Lutz Woods: Take a look at Sudan right now if you need any more confirmation of the climate crisis… thank you Rep Reed…I am looking into a hybrid car right now…this is our future…

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