What Could Wellsville do with $10 million?


From the Wellsville Economic Development Board, 11/12/21, Photo by Melanie Hunt Streeter

Residents share their ideas for downtown revitalization         

The $10 million in funding is available to municipalities as part of New York State’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI), an economic development program that aims to transform business districts into vibrant centers that offer a high quality of life and are magnets for redevelopment, business, job creation, and economic and housing diversity.

Last month, community members were provided with an overview of the DRI program.  Now it is your turn!  What would breathe new life into our downtown area?  November 17, 2021, at 6 pm, the DRI Committee will host the second in a series of community forums at the David A. Howe Public Library.  The meeting is open to all area residents so come share your great ideas and let’s dream a little! 

At the October meeting, residents learned the details of the DRI program.   Held at the David A. Howe Public Library and with a robust turnout, Mike Raptis, Chairman of the DRI committee, opened with an introduction of the Wellsville Economic Development Board members, and a brief overview of the evening’s goals.  Dr John Simmins, Executive Director for Research and Economic Development at Alfred University, who is assisting the Village in their application, took the attendees through a presentation that provided the details of the initiative, including the competitive application process, as well as the types of projects that are appropriate and those that are not.  The forum ended with a hardy round of questions and answers.    

“Any project that you can tie into revitalizing downtown — tourism, creating jobs, redevelopment of buildings, hotels, civic centers, event centers…anything that will have an overall positive impact on the local and regional economy will be considered”, Dr. Simmins said, “it is a tremendous opportunity for Wellsville”.  For more information or examples of projects, please visit https://www.ny.gov/programs/downtown-revitalization-initiative .

The Village also needs to show that there is development momentum with other projects being planned for the Wellsville area, projects that are funded with private or federal investment.  These projects might include new commercial, industrial, or civic buildings, or rehabilitation of old buildings.  The hospital’s upcoming transformation project is also a good example of development momentum. 

Can’t make the meeting but have input regarding ideas or planned future development?  Send an email to the DRI committee at WellsvilleDRI@WellsvilleNY.com

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