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Steve Dickerson elected Alma Town Supervisor with a mandate


Lifelong Alma resident thanks supporters for the support after receiving nearly 60% of the vote

Town of Alma:
I want to thank the Residents in the Town of Alma that voted for me to fill the position of Town Supervisor. Coming in to this position I know that the Town Board can’t satisfy all the Residents living in the Town of Alma but, I hope we can explain why some of these decisions have to be made.

We need to bring the Town of Alma out of the 1970s and there will have to be policies and procedures written, before any of these are passed thru the Board the Residents will have a chance to discuss and voice there opinion. Other reasons for these policies and procedures are for our insurance companies to show that we aren’t open for Law Suits and the big reason so we don’t go thru what we did for the last two years.

In closing I want to thank Shaun Taylor for stepping in to the Supervisor position at a difficult time and allowing the Town Board to function the way it was setup to do.

Thanks again,
Steve Dickerson         

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