Allegany Hope: County Covid-19 Rate Increases 1%


From Casey Jones, Editor of Allegany Hope Community News, 10/12/21

Allegany County’s COVID-19 positivity rate of tests-to-positives continued to soar over the weekend, jumping a full percentage point and moving it to the seventh highest level in the state.

There were 43 new cases recorded Sunday by the State Department of Health, resulting in a 7.8 percent tests-to-positives ratio, a more than 65 percent increase over the 4.7 level as the county entered the new month just 10 days before.

The increase in cases, as we reported last week, is moving in the opposite direction from statewide numbers, which have been declining.

The state also recorded 143 new positives in the county for last week, ending Saturday, up from 126 during the preceding seven-day period.

We are awaiting a response to our Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request, continuing to be required by Allegany County, NY,, government, for weekend numbers, with its online dashboard not providing data over the holiday weekend.

County data currently is presented as of noon each day, versus state reporting as of midnight the day before, resulting in a mismatch.

As of Friday, we had been advised by the Allegany County Department of Health of 105 new positives for the week at that time, compared with its total of 129 for all of the week before.

Allegany’s increase in cases and its positivity rate now are the highest since the middle of January when the levels were starting to drop from the peak of the post-holidays wave.

We will provide a detailed tally of last week’s daily numbers, including increases in positives, quarantines/isolations, locations, and age ranges when we receive the county’s response to our FOIL request.

Other COVID-19 Trackers/dashboards which provide additional and sometimes different and conflicting information from county reports due to differences in reporting times and data gathering methods, are available at:

— Allegany County:

— New York Forward COVID-19 Tracker:

— New York COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker:

— New York Schools Report Card:

–- HHS Data Hub:

— Alfred State College:*

— Alfred University:*

— Houghton College:*

* NOTE: College data on the Schools Report Card and that on the individual institution’s website may vary.

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