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The Golden Crone: Braces


From the Golden Crone, 9/21/21

“Once in awhile you get shown the light

In the strangest of places

If you look at it right.”~ J.G & R.H.

 Have you ever been handed the exact thing you wished for in a gift bag so hideous it makes you want to return it? That was me last week.. I have been creating this scenario in my mind for six years. Hoping, wishing, praying, manifesting; when it finally lands in my lap the circumstances are so vile I nearly cry myself sick.

 After a good night’s sleep and the excellent counsel of Mr. Crone, I’ve adjusted my attitude, slapped some braces on this gift horse and shoved my inner Veruca Salt into the pit. I’m going to run with this and spin it into my dream life. It’ll take some doing, but I have support, time and determination.

 It seems the world is full of curveballs these days. How will you hit yours out of the park?

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